Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Quick bits: or, stuff that does not quite warrant its own post that I still feel like writing about briefly

  • My professor will give you a candy bar if you give a really good answer to a question in class. I got a Tofi Luk the other day. It is kind of like a Twix. Kind of.
  • It's in the mid 70s/80s temperature-wise, with the humidity at around 70-80%. It gets cooler at night, but it's still rather muggy.
  • Convenience shop owners will give you a candy bar or some gum as change if they can't hunt down a 50 piastre piece.
  • Everything is cheaper here than I ever thought it could possibly be. The other day, I got a 1.5 liter bottle of water, a Black Currant Fanta, and two candy bar-ish things from one of the corner stores for 5 pounds, which is the equivalent of less than one US dollar.
  • Black Currant Fanta is pretty dang tasty.
  • Men in Egypt (the ones who smoke, anyway) smoke constantly. Constantly. Even in a cab with the windows rolled up.
  • A lot of the women in our dorms stay up until 2 or 3 in the morning doing things, and a lot of stores are open that late as well. However, if you go to look for something at 7 or 8 in the morning, a lot of stores won't be open.
  • My dorm is run by a fierce old lady named Hoda, who often refers to herself as Mama Hoda and interrogates anyone coming into the building who she doesn't recognize and frequently asks us if we are getting enough food. The other day, she forced another portion of rice on me.
  • We have a curfew, boys aren't allowed in the dorms, and if you go out at night you have to check back in upon your return so that they don't start wondering if you are dead. There are women sitting downstairs all the time to enforce these rules. It is like having 15 very worried moms.
  • Since Dylan asked me the other day about what we have for breakfast at the dorms, I thought it might interest people: eggs (hardboiled or scrambled), falafel, and either beans or cheese spread with pita bread (which is served with pretty much every meal).
  • Remember in Elf where Will Ferrell is in the bathroom and says to the guy next to him "Have you seen the toilets here? They're ginormous!"? The toilets in Egypt, or at least the ones I have had the privilege of using so far, are pretty much the opposite of this. They are small. Very small.
  • I am going to get an Alexandria University student ID this week, and I am kind of happily, aimlessly excited about this.

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  1. Oh thanks for posting your detritus, Al! I will not worry as much now that I know you have 15 mamas looking after you. That should be sufficient. Do you pronounce "Hoda" as hohda or hooda? Awesome about the Alexandria University ID. Remember to use your superpowers for good. xxooJuli